In England you can buy a house with bitcoins

In England you can buy a house with bitcoins: the interesting initiative by Hagan Homes is starting.

In England you can buy a house with bitcoins - hagan

In the UK you can use bitcoins to buy a home. The credit is due to one of the largest apartment builders in Northern Ireland, which has declared that it will now accept cryptocurrency as a payment instrument for its properties.

According to the British press, Hagan Homes, based in Ballyclare, is the first company in its sector in Ireland to take this step. Its managing director, Jamesy Hagan, stated in this regard that

Bitcoin is a new payment method and is essentially a new "type" of money. Its use makes it possible to carry out a settlement operation very similar to a cash transaction. There has been significant growth in the use of Bitcoins around the world and our acceptance of this new channel reflects the company's willingness to offer a response to the market.

We recall that Hagan Homes recorded sales of over 18 million pounds in the 2016 / 17, tracing its second best year since the company was founded, almost 30 years ago. Hagan then added that

the international appeal of Northern Ireland continues to grow. There is a growing number of international investors creating businesses in Northern Ireland and, subsequently, this means that the number of people who want to live, work or invest in Northern Ireland is constantly increasing.

Therefore, making a new payment system available could potentially widen the range of people interested in monetizing their bitcoins with a "solid" property, diversifying their assets. A challenge for the moment won ... at least in terms of media advertising!