In Iran, Mining moves to mosques

In Iran, Mining moves to mosques - Tehran

The recent resolution taken by the government of Tehran, who decided to suspend the supply of electricity for mining, at least waiting to redefine the tariffs, seems to have found a prompt response from the miners. In fact, based on a tweet posted by a user, the Bitcoin extraction process would be moved into mosques. To suggest this move would be the fact that religious structures are not required to pay energy consumption, thanks to a decision by the central Iranian government.
It should be emphasized that in a country that is prey to objective difficulties due to the US embargo, BTC mining is proving to be a relief valve of no small importance. Second Mahsa Alimardani, a researcher at the University of Oxford, in this way it would be possible to find a figure in the order of 260 thousand US dollars per year.

Government measures

However, what is happening has not gone unnoticed by the authorities. In fact, identification and identification have been reported in the last few days seizure of two mining farms of this kind, evidently considered illegal, which thus consumed about one megawatt apiece.
This was stated during an interview Arash Navab, which is responsible for managing the energy network in the province of Yazd. A provision which seems completely in line with the recent decision to suspend energy supplies for mining, which according to some analysts would have been caused by the7% increase in electricity consumption in the country.

What could happen?

The government's moves and the miners' response must be interpreted precisely in light of the particular situation that the Middle Eastern country is experiencing. THE'embargo decided by Donald Trump in fact it has forced many Iranian citizens, unable to access the international banking system, to look for alternative ways to move their money outside national borders. Digital uniforms initially represented a perfect system, so much so that during the 2018 around 2,5 billions of dollars would be taken out of Iran thanks to them, as revealed by the president of the Iranian economic commission, Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi.
A system which has however been put into considerable difficulty by LocalBitcoins, the site that connects sellers and buyers, which suspended operations involving Iranian users in May. According to some analysts the difficulties could be partially circumvented by using virtual currencies such as Monero, the most effective from the point of view of anonymity, but these would be limited solutions.
Precisely for this reason the voices according to which they return to make themselves strong also the Iranian government, as Venezuela has already done with Petro, he may soon decide to field his own cryptocurrency, with which to try to withstand the pressure of the United States. An instrument that could also prove to be useful for encouraging tourist flows, which continue to be very intense on entry, thanks to the devaluation of the rial, which fell by 60% since the beginning of the crisis with the USA.