Investing in Dogecoin (DOGE): the cryptocurrency has grown beyond expectations

What is the Dogecoin o DOGE? Let's talk about the famous cryptocurrency named by the developer Billy Markus and from the cryptocurrency marketing and passionate expert Jackson palmer.

The two had the intuition to use a meme, an idea of ​​an image that has spread through the network, quickly becoming famous.

If Dogecoin was initially designed to be placed within a marginal project, over time it has assumed an increasingly important role as a payment instrument and as an asset to invest in.

So why not invest in DOGE? After all, we certainly cannot underestimate the important market capitalisations that it has been able to achieve over time.

Investing in Dogecoin (DOGE): the cryptocurrency has grown beyond expectations - DOGECOIN

Dogecoin (DOGE): what is it?

Dogecoin was born as a fork of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, but there are clear differences: the DOGE is a digital asset that sets the resolution of the blocks in a fixed way, while Litecoin places the resolution of the blocks in a random way.

We can consider DOGE as a virtual currency similar to Bitcoin and, if we look at the data in, the Circulating Supply (June) 2019 is around, a figure that can be unlimited.

If the Litecoin block is formed and updated every 2,5 minutes, the Dogecoin block is formed and updated every minute: this mechanism generates an exponentially greater production over time.

They are produced 10.000 new Dogecoin every minute, which leads to an annual total of more than five billion cryptocurrencies produced.

The Dogecoin turns out to be a virtual currency subject to sudden fluctuations: a lot of prudence is needed in the investments so that its quotation can grow over time.

So far, the structure and capitalization of DOGE is very interesting to the point of presenting itself as an important Bitcoin competitor.

Investing in Dogecoin: is it worth it?

The fact is that the Dogecoin, being a project born as a joke, right now enjoys one good reputation and is supported by a good Crypto Community.

Furthermore, the transactions are veloci even if they don't reach Bitcoin volumes. The DOGE is currently listed on over 50 exchanges worldwide, which do not allow you to buy it directly with Fiat currency, but through BTC, ETH or USDT.

Buying Dogecoin only with Bitcoins could be considered a disadvantage for a future investment, especially if you opt for unreliable and unsafe Exchange.

The important thing is to rely on Exchange well reviewed, exchange BTCs in Doges and make them available on electronic devices (OS X, Windows, Android and iOS) through online Doge Wallets.

Nata the 8 December of the 2013, the Dogecoin was worth only 0,0002 cent. of dollars, today 28 June 2019 has a listing of the $ 0,0033145057: the continuous fluctuation of this digital asset makes those who choose to invest all the capital on DOGE uncomfortable (see real-time listing of Doge). 

Our advice is to always diversify the investments and to opt not only for cryptocurrencies, but above all for the Stablecoin.

Despite being a virtual currency that is still worth very little, according to Vitalik it could reach during 2019 a value as satisfactory for traders.

Where to buy Dogecoin

First, buy Ethereum also from the app with a credit card or bank transfer

Investing in Dogecoin (DOGE): the cryptocurrency grew beyond expectations - crypto

Then go on Hitbc , deposit ethereum and buy dogecoin