Island of Honduras accepts BTC and the new bitcoiner project in El Salvador

Isola dell'Honduras accepts BTC and the new bitcoiner project in El Salvador - 27d27bc1ffaede1c0593463a9617527aCentral America was the epicenter of ecosystem news this week, due to some of the events that emerged during the Bitcoin conference which took place April 6-8. 

Although El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele was unable to attend the event, the Central American country was mentioned in many of the speeches presented. The same scenario served as the basis for the launch of a Bitcoin City project in Honduras.  

Elsewhere on the continent, the extradition to Argentina of Leonardo Cositorto, CEO of the multilevel scheme Generación Zoe, stands out after being arrested in the Dominican Republic. 


As part of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference it was learned that a small private town called Prospera, located on the Caribbean island of Roatan, in the territory of Honduras, has adopted bitcoin as its legal tender. We remind you that those who want to invest in BTC, can already do it here too through reliable platforms such as Bitcoin Pro.

This was confirmed by Joel Bomgar, the president of the Honduras Prospera Inc company, which manages the project. He added that, in Prospera, bitcoin will function as fiat currency. This means there will be no capital gains tax.  

"There they can trade freely using bitcoin and they can pay taxes and duties to the jurisdiction in BTC," he said. 

El Salvador 

Bitcoin Towers is the name of the new project that El Salvador will undertake to attract the world's bitcoiners to its territory. The project involves the construction of four luxury apartment complexes, which will be located in various coastal areas of the Central American country.  

The announcement was made at the Bitcoin Conference 2022, an event attended by the country's president, Nayib Bukele, who canceled his attendance at the last minute. 

Bukele explained that "unforeseen circumstances" required his presence "full time" as president of his nation. He was referring to the gang problem in El Salvador, a situation that required the president to declare a state of emergency.  

The measure comes after more than 80 murders were reported over a weekend at the hands of gang members from the group known as Mara Salvatruchas. And, precisely with the aim of helping the families affected by these crimes, a bitcoin fund was created. 

The initiative is promoted by Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex. The executive indicated that the donated funds will be given to families in collaboration with the Salvadoran government and community organizations. Delivery will be subject to "strict control" to ensure fair distribution.