Jack Dorsey: I love Bitcoin, but still cannot be considered a currency

Jack Dorsey: I love Bitcoin, but it still can't be considered a currency - Jack Dorsey

The CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, states that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that will continue to be used more and more in the world, but at the moment it cannot be considered a real exchange currency, as the FIAT currencies. 

In fact, according to Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin is very similar at the moment more to an investment asset like gold. Durante, an interview with the Australian information portal Australian Financial Review, stressed that over time certainly the adoption rate of this digital currency will continue to grow. 

Despite this, he thinks that it cannot be used as a real currency due to its volatility and the continuous ups and downs that affect its value and the change with traditional currencies, for this reason he considers it more of a gold-like investment asset. What needs to be done to make it more usable is to study methods that make it more accessible as a currency, but now it has not reached this point yet, so it cannot be considered a real currency. 

Dorsey strong supporter of Bitcoin 

Although the Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with high volatility, Dorsey is a big supporter of this. In fact, it fully shares all the principles behind Bitcoin as well as the community over the years has formed around this specific digital currency. During his interview he also revealed that according to him, in the near future digital coins could become the main online trading currency, for this reason its Square platform will focus more on these specific services to offer to its customers. 

Dorsay's interest in Bitcoins it is known, in fact in November 2017 it had already announced that Square could begin to offer trading options based precisely on Bitcoin. After the announcement, Square's share price and capitalization had peaked with a $ 1 billion increase. 

Finally, just last month Dorsey He said: We love you, Bitcoin ... only in June 3,5 million of our customers used the Cash Card to shop several times during a single week. In the near future, our ecosystems and Cash App vendors are planning roadmaps to achieve the objective of economic emancipation.