Kraken: Review of the Exchange with features, advantages and opinions (2019)

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Thanks to the Kraken Exchange, every user has the opportunity to run easy deposits e withdrawals, measure portfolio performance and track all your digital assets in one place.

Kraken: how does it work?

The Kraken Exchange offers an exceptional experience for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies.

In particular, the trading with margin allows you to amplify your earnings, allowing you to execute more complex strategies.

Thanks to financial leverage you can earn a potential profit up to 5 times greater than you would with a normal trade.

But, in case of loss, the loss will be amplified.

The Exchange Kraken provides the trader with a quantity of funds to increase the profits of a profitable trade.

Kraken: advantages

Among the main benefits of Kraken deserve attention the following:

  • easy access e fast trading with margin and going up or down on a variety of cryptocurrencies with leverage up to 5x;
  • smarter, faster and easier trading;
  • high margin limits up to $ 500.000;
  • simple management with the intuitive trading platform;
  • advanced API access;
  • trading with margin it is accessible to all: it is possible to apply a lever from the 2x to the 5x with a simple click;
  • you can differentiate your trades with i cryptocurrency futures and maximize the potential gain;
  • you can use the personalized Kraken Trade Desk service;
  • low commissions up to a limit of 0,02% to open a position and at the limit of 0,02% (every 4 hours) to keep it open.

Kraken: account creation

Connect here and fill out the form with the email, user name and password. You consent to the Terms of Service and to the Privacy Note and proceed with the creation of the account.

Kraken asks you:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address and phone number

For fiat payments or higher deposit and withdrawal limits, the Exchange reserves the right to ask you for a valid identity document and a proof of residence (residence certificate and / or utility bill).

Kraken: Deposit options

The Exchange Kraken undertakes to offer its members low fees and a variety of digital deposit options.

Thanks to deposits e quick withdrawals e flexible, Transactions are faster and smarter from all over the world.

Both new and experienced traders can opt for fiat currency deposit.

Alternatively, if you have cryptocurrencies supported, you have the option to deposit them into your account.

After the account is confirmed, all cryptocurrency deposits are credited immediately and you can start trading in less than 10 minutes.

Kraken also thought about the corporate customers, offering deposit options such as USD international transfers.

Kraken: margin fees

Here are the margin fees.

Base Currency

Currency quotas

Opening Commissions

Rollover commissions

XBT (Bitcoin)



0.01% every 4 hours

USDT (Tether)



0.01% every 4 hours

BCH (Bitcoin Cash)



0.02% every 4 hours

ETH (Ethereum)



0.02% every 4 hours

ETC (Ethereum Classic)



0.02% every 4 hours

REP (Augur)



0.02% every 4 hours

XMR (Monero)



0.02% every 4 hours

XRP (Ripple)



0.02% for 4 hours


Is Kraken Safe?

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies securely, the Exchange Kraken is one of the best solutions available on the online trading market.

Most users' digital currencies are securely stored in cold Wallets, to prevent some attackers from stealing some digital assets.

The platform offers one financial stability, solid banking relationships and higher standards of legal compliance.

Kraken: Customer assistance

Kraken offers a 24 customer support hours on 24 e 7 days on 7, with a large service center to clarify all doubts to customers' questions.

If you need to ask any questions, fill in the online form and you will be contacted by a customer service representative.

La live chat is always active and the Support Center solves customer problems with efficiency and timing.

The most experienced traders can benefit from an exclusive real-time and personalized support service, thanks to the program Kraken Account Management.

Kraken: Opinions

In general we can conclude that the Kraken platform is well reviewed by users.

"Without a doubt, Kraken is the most engaging exchange among those we have tried. "

"I have been dealing with Kraken for over 2 years, I have never had problems with the freezing of the account, missing withdrawals, their payments in SEPA in EUR are the fastest in the world, no other Exchange has this ease of withdrawal. Their customer service has improved a lot over time ".