Kurt Russell in the cryptocurrency movie

Kurt Russell in the cryptocurrency movie. The cinematographic project takes root in a thriller filmed in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Among the many environments that cryptocurrency seem to have influenced over the last few years, there is also the cinematographic one. And we are not referring to any investment by large companies in the sector, as for Cryptocurrency, a film currently in post-production, which tells a classic thriller set against a background of shady characters cryptocurrency agreements. A project that is anything but marginal: for example, they are part of the cast a series of famous actors like Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel and Beau Knapp.

Film producers, Jordan yale levine e Jordan Beckerman from Yale Productions, they recently talked about the decision to make a thriller on criptovaluta, specifying that neither of the two is actually an expert in the criptovaluta in real life. "We both enjoyed ourselves," says Yale Levine, but "I don't know if any of us would consider ourselves experts. It was our writers who developed the topic and entered the research. They are the ones who became experts, to make sure the film was authentic ”.

Even with this warning, however, when it comes to specific details Cryptocurrency may not be as satisfying for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For example, the film does not focus on any specific currency, but should not lose its realism. "We do not focus on any currency (...) the general message of the film is positive, even if it focuses on crime, corruption and cryptocurrency" - the producers still remember, hoping also that the criptovaluta is an asset destined to last. "We hope it lasts a long time," says Yale Levine. "This is one of the reasons we wanted to make the film. We do not believe it is a fashion "- he adds.

When it comes to the cast of Crypto, the staff also includes Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) e Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men). Beau Napp - say the producers - was the first to sign, thanks to a close connection with one of the authors of Crypto. Then came Kurt Russell, and then Bledel, the actress of Gilmore Girls, represented by the same agency as her two male co-stars. "Bledel has won Emmys. Kurt Russell is a legend. I think it's just a really strong cast, "says Beckerman.