Florida governor candidate Nikki Fried accepts cryptocurrency donations

Florida governor candidate Nikki Fried accepts cryptocurrency donations - 01florida fried jumboA committee called Florida Consumers First is accepting cryptocurrencies for Fried's Florida gubernatorial run. Fried stabbed Wells Fargo, whom she accuses of allowing the 2008 financial crisis, in a video posted on Twitter.

Wells-Fargo closed her campaign bank account after it became known that she would support the legalization of cannabis for medical use. In the video, he said he learned firsthand from citizens how banks affect small businesses and criticized Wells Fargo for discriminating against minorities.

Fried's political game

Florida Consumers First Political Committee Treasurer Ben Kuehne said, “By building a forward-looking, XNUMXst-century movement, we are giving our core donors and others who feel abandoned by our corrupt political financial system a chance to participate in the our mission ".

Fried said the Florida Consumers First committee accepts cryptocurrencies because they trust people to make their own decisions and want to give power back to the people.

Fried struggled to raise money for her campaign, amassing $ 110.223 for the committee and $ 106.086 for her official campaign in November. This is far below what its competitor, United States Representative Charlie Crist, reported he had picked up.

Kuehne added, "People who believe in Nikki Fried's expansive message of putting Florida consumers first can fully embrace our movement by contributing through cryptocurrency from our website."

Texas and Florida governors bullish on cryptocurrency

Current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has tabled a proposal to allow businesses to pay state taxes in cryptocurrencies on December 9, 2021, in Tallahassee. Miami Mayor Suarez was also bullish on bitcoin. Miami pioneered the creation of MiamiCoin and the funds raised will be disbursed to citizens.

Through low taxes, Suarez has also sought to lure tech firms to the warm, sunny state. He receives his mayoral salary in Bitcoin via the Strike app, which is part of his income. Another governor who is bullish on bitcoin is Texas Governor Greg Abbot, who signed a law for Texas to "create a master plan to expand the blockchain industry in Texas." This governor welcomed "the bitcoin community" into his election campaign in 2014.

A South Korean politician recently announced that will accept cryptocurrencies for donations campaign, and will issue NFTs as received, in a push to attract younger voters.