The Bitcoin community on Reddit grows almost 100% in one year

Bitcoin community on Reddit grows nearly 100% in one year - reddit introduces eth based community points beta program with custom tokens for subredditsThe popularity of bitcoin (quotation BTC) continues to attract users to the official cryptocurrency forum on the Reddit social network, which so far has around 4 million subscribers.  

This means that the Bitcoin community on Reddit has grown 81% in one year. In 2021, the number of users who signed up for the cryptocurrency forum was around 2,2 million.  

The increase in subscribers on Reddit over the past year has been largely driven by the phenomenon sparked by GameStop shares, when a group of users of the social network overtook short bettors on Wall Street. 

A boom in registrations

Since that event, subscribers have flocked to the Bitcoin community on the social network. Expressions celebrating the milestone achieved by the community on the social network can be found on the forum.  

“This makes me very happy because when I first discovered Bitcoin, this sub was the best source of information I could find, many thanks to the mods for keeping it clean and scam-free, to anyone looking to help new ones. arrived and congratulations on the milestone, ”user ambar_sam said. 

According to data provided by the frontpagemetrics portal, which calculates metrics for sub forums known as subreddits, approximately 3.301 users join the Bitcoin community every month. Although the record was set in 2021, when a single day saw an increase of 100.000 subscribers.  

Other metrics reflect that the forum ranks 94th out of total subreddits existing on the platform, while in 2018 it was 127th.  

To compare the growth of Bitcoin's Reddit community with that of another cryptocurrency, Ethereum's has only reached 1,2 million subscribers since that community's forum started in 2014.  

Reddit is a community platform with its own forums, where news and other content is presented. Subscribers use the social network to post comments, analysis and opinions on various topics. 

The Bitcoin community on Reddit reaches out to the people of El Salvador 

Members of the bitcoin community on Reddit have grown along with the popularity of the cryptocurrency. The number of forum members now reaches levels that can be compared to the number of inhabitants of countries like El Salvador, where the population is estimated at 6,4 million.  

It is worth remembering that the Central American nation passed the Bitcoin law at the beginning of last June, becoming the first country in the world to adopt the cryptocurrency created just over a decade ago.  

In this regard, El Salvador has recently been attracting foreign investors, especially in the cryptocurrency sector. Exchanges, digital wallets, payment processors and bitcoin custodians have arrived in the Central American country.