Battle Infinity presale (IBAT) collects over 8000 BNB, 50% is sold out

Battle Infinity (IBAT) presale collects over 8000 BNB, 50% is sold out - bnG7WoewwpDcXRHnFFIuJTEWMt8Yuy0rxEmjy1Ytivs68 days from the end of the 90-day presale, over 8000 BNB (over $ 2,25 million) have been raised so far, surpassing the soft cap of 2000 BNB and about 50% of the hard cap. The presale ends October 10 on the presale website or upon reaching the hard cap.

The next big metaverse game?

Battle Infinity developers - including project leader Suresh Joshi - have the ambitious goal of creating the first daily fantasy sports (DFS) themed metaverse, as well as other game formats.

All game assets will be tradable as NFTs on the game's integrated NFT market, the Battle Market.

The IBAT will be the reward token and in-game currency, earned by players who win matches against other teams and reach the top of the leaderboard - the IBAT Premier League - and then exchanged for other currencies on the game's DEX, Battle Swap.

With a fixed supply of 10 billion, IBAT is a BEP-20 token and will be listed on PancakeSwap's DEX after the presale.

IBAT's presale price started at $ 0,0015 last month, at the exchange rate of 1 BNB = 166.666,66 IBAT.

Investors can buy IBAT with Binance Coin and a MetaMask or Trust Wallet, with a maximum investment of 500 BNB per wallet address (minimum 0,1 BNB). According to BSCScan, there are currently 3.350 IBAT holders.

The latest industry report DappRadar found that blockchain games and related crypto or NFT tokens were the most resilient assets during the 2022 bear market.

Axie Infinity's best rival?

On-chain activity, such as buying and trading metaverse land, remained high even as the value of metaverse cryptocurrencies receded along with BTC and ETH.

Battle Infinity aims to follow in the footsteps of cryptocurrency games such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and My Neighbor Alice, whose native coins are still booming after their ICOs.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is also still up 150 times since its ICO, despite a correction of more than 90%. 

The success and hype sparked by other NFT and cryptocurrency games over the course of 2021 and their continued popularity in 2022 could explain the initial interest in Battle Infinity, as well as its goal to add something new to the cryptocurrency game - a touch of fantasy. sport. 

The whitepaper and roadmap are available on the website, where presale may sell out before the October deadline at the current rate.

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