Lark Davis names Polygon among the four cryptocurrencies set to make huge gains in July

Lark Davis names Polygon among four cryptocurrencies set to make huge gains in July - maxresdefault 1024x576Lark Davis explains how approving a Bitcoin ETF could send its price to the moon. He claimed that the cost of using the Polygon network is only one hundredth of that of the basic Ethereum transaction.

The cryptocurrency market is currently in a boring phase. A new month brings new opportunities. Lark Davis, a Youtuber and cryptocurrency influencer, says that four cryptocurrencies can still make huge gains if they have the right catalysts. 

The video showed four cryptocurrencies that could explode and the reasons for them.


The July catalyst for Ethereum, the second largest market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, will arrive in July. The Ethereum London Upgrade has just been launched on the TestNET network. Davis said the London Upgrade's long-awaited EIP1559 could push the price to new heights.

If there are no major issues, Ethereum will be updated in two to three weeks.

EIP 1559, which will be released in the near future, will make the rate more reliable and improve the integration of Level 2 with Ethereum. A massive transformation of the digital asset into a deflationary cryptocurrency will also take place. 

He explained in the video that the fundamentals of technology and innovation that have driven the asset's price to an all-time high remain and will continue to push it to new heights.


According to Davis, Bitcoin could be preparing for a major move. This could be affected in part by recent Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) applications that are still pending approval by the SEC. Ark Invest recently joined Cathie Woode's Bitcoin ETF rush.

He also said that this application is positively influenced by the most successful and large companies.

One of these companies will be approved, although it will take until December or August or the end of July.

The Bitcoin ETF will be approved and the Bitcoin price will rise. The money will pour into Bitcoin, before dripping to other resources. So those who want to invest now and take advantage of it, can do so through a reliable platform such as Bitcoin Pro.


Cardano is supported by a great community. In just three weeks, it added 50.000 new positions of staking. Many Cardano owners are now joining the council to stake their assets. Cardano is now in the era of Smart Contracts. Cardano will have new features for the base use case "staking ADAforADA ".

Cardano Smart Contract will lead to a surge in NFTs and liquidity aggregators, as well as decentralized finance, lending, lending and other services. This huge project is currently being tested and could offer huge gains for ADA investors.


Davis revealed that he is very optimistic about Polygon. There are many positives to it. He talked about scalability, gas fees and claimed that Polygon is "one cent of the basic transaction price of Ethereum".

Yesterday I made a transaction through Defi. It cost me between $ 35 and $ 50. The transaction was more complex and interactive using the Defi protocol. It is very cheap to send USDC or Ether using the Ethereum network. It will be difficult if you use defi.