In Las Vegas the first strip club where you can pay in bitcoins

In Las Vegas the first strip club where you can pay in bitcoins: an interesting initiative in the capital of the American game.

In Las Vegas, the first strip club where you can pay in bitcoin - the legends room

Di cryptocurrency and possibility to use Bitcoin & co. as a means of ordinary payment we have spoken several times in the last few weeks.

However, we had not seen a rather particular new entry in the sector. A club of Hen/Stag Vegas has in fact (temporarily) tattooed ballerinas with QR codes, allowing them to be paid anonymously in bitcoins. The Legends Room - inaugurated by the martial arts trainer Nick Blomgren - has therefore devised a rather special way of remunerating striptease professionals, allowing customers to keep their visits secret.

According to what Blomgren himself recalls, for the moment it is the only one strip club able to accept bitcoin payments: something that, the founder reiterates, is having great success for customers. Those who already own cryptocurrency will be able to pay simply by scanning the bar codes from the bodies of the dancers. And, although it is true that it is also possible to pay through normal transactions, it is also true that those who choose to pay through criptovaluta will receive a discount of 20%.

“It is the best place to spend Bitcoin if you don't want your wife to know or you don't want your boyfriend to know, "Blomgren told the local press. According to the worker Brenna Sparks, the exclusive payment option has become very popular and many of its customers are paying regularly through Bitcoin. He also added that getting paid in cryptocurrency could benefit adults working in the entertainment sector as it would keep their payments encrypted.