Working in cryptocurrencies, the sector continues to take over

Working in cryptocurrencies, the sector continues to take over. New signs of development by the cryptographic asset sector.

Working in cryptocurrencies, the sector continues to take on - work with cryptocurrencies

The sector of cryptocurrency continues to recruit, becoming an excellent starting point for achieving a potential career.

As proof of this, last Thursday CoinDesk, one of the main sources of news on the cryptocurrency and organizer of important sector conferences, has launched a section dedicated to "careers" within its portal, reporting several job advertisements.

“Finding talent in the sector is a real one difficulties"- said Jacob Donnelly, marketing director of CoinDesk, which also hosts a trade fair for professions this month in New York.

- expert announcements su blockchain they have skyrocketed in recent months, with growth of over 6.000 percent in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the same period a year ago, according to data provided by Upwork in a recent report. Therefore, knowledge about blockchain technology has certainly become the most requested: "there is an explosion of interest around cryptocurrencies due to their extremely volatile, but extremely exciting nature: there are a lot of millionaires which quickly became such, and attracted a lot of people "- said Andy Challenger, vice president of the employment agency Challenger, Gray and Natale.

Bitcoin attracted public attention last year when the price of cryptocurrency it has increased by over 2.000 percent in 12 months to over $ 19.000. There criptovaluta was the first application of the blockchain technology, which eliminates the need for an intermediary (such as a bank) to carry out specific operations, thus creating a new ecosystem with permanent and secure registration of transactions between two parties. Now, both start-ups and companies are testing other ways to use blockchain in a number of sectors such as energy distribution and supply chain management.

Last year, IBM, Microsoft and Accenture accounted for about half of $ 700 million in global blockchain-related revenue, according to analysts from Oppenheimer, Shaul Eyal and Tanner Hoban. "With the maturation of the technology, we believe that blockchain engineers will get absolutely high demand for professional hiring," said Eyal in a recent interview.