Cryptocurrencies become protagonists of the US Presidential 2020

Le cryptocurrency they made their entry in style in the US presidential elections of the 2020 who will have to indicate the new tenant of the White House or confirm Donald Trump in that capacity. If in the past weeks there was a lot of talk about Andrew Yang, protagonist of a meeting with the public who had spoken at the conference Consensus 2019 held in New York, now another Democrat, Eric Swalwell, opened to donations in digital assets for its campaign.

Andrew Yang protagonist in New York

Andrew Yang it is certainly not the best known among those who aspire to be nominated for the Democratic Party. Your consent is based on surveys around 3%, although it is growing considerably, also thanks to the interest it is waking up in the media, including Time. Its platform is very oriented to the left, with a notable importance towards the less wealthy classes, for which it proposes the launch of a Basic income similar to what was approved in Italy under the impulse of the M5S, in this case of $ 1.000. Another strong proposal of its program is then the extension to all those residing in the country of Medicare, the medical insurance program conducted under the auspices of the United States government, for people aged 65 and over, which has been in effect since 1965.
To try to increase his popularity, however, Yang has decided to take advantage of his old passion, that of cryptocurrency, an interest dating back to 2013 when he started posting on Twitter interventions related to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He did this in particular by speaking at the New York conference, during which stated his intention to create a framework of certain rules for the sector, in order to allow individuals and companies to invest and innovate without having to fear sudden interventions or changes of gear by the legislator.

Swalwell and the collaboration with White Company

Not even Eric Swalwell enjoys the popularity of Democratic heavyweights, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for now. Elected to the Congress in the 2012, as a representative of the 15th district of California, he has distinguished himself for his activities on the Standing Committee on Intelligence and the Judiciary of the House of Representatives. Even for him the interest in digital assets is not a last-minute novelty, having already spent in this sense by signing a letter addressed to the Internal Revenue Service in order to ask for greater clarity on the fiscal rules in force for cryptocurrencies.
In view of the costly presidential campaign, he has therefore decided to exploit the channel provided by virtual currencies to finance it in the best possible way. To do it has partnered with The White Company, a company that operates in the Blockchain technology sector which has made available a dedicated page of its site that allows those who want to support it to send your donation paying in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ether, XLM and with the token of the standard White platform (WSD). In order to do this, the person concerned must provide only their name, address, telephone number, as well as specify their occupation and employer.
In practice i funds raised are converted into one stablecoin based on Stellar, a modality which allows Swalwell's electoral committee to be able to dispose of them in real time, with transactions taking place in about 3 seconds and costing less than a hundredth of a dollar. Just the choice of the stablecoin allows moreover to preserve the value of donations preventing the volatility that distinguishes the virtual currency market from negatively affecting. The White Company itself wanted to highlight the substantial superiority from a technical point of view of the process adopted by Swalwell towards the one chosen by Yang. In the first case, in fact, donors have to do is register with their data and send the funds, being able to count on a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 
Now it remains to be seen whether other Democratic or Republican candidates will also want to follow the example of Yang and Swalwell, an event that could prove to be an advantage for digital assets, initiating a demanding discussion on their future.