Cryptocurrencies are not a safe haven, says Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius, famous investor and founding member of Mobius Capital Partners, believes it is taking down positions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, claiming to be particularly careful in believing safe haven these assets.

Speaking to CNBC's The Squawk Box, a few hours ago, in relation to the performance of emerging markets and asset classes that may represent safe havens, Mobius stated that cryptocurrencies, exactly like "traditional" currencies, are fiat currencies. from trust and retain utility only if others are willing to use them.

"The bottom line - said the experienced investor - is that there is a whole generation of people who trust the internet, they trust these cryptocurrencies.... and if a cryptocurrency can allow you to buy something, then that's fine ".

However, Mobius invited you to look beyond, stating for example that it would have been rather interesting to be in a gold-backed cryptocurrency, executed on the blockchain. Right on the blockchain, the investor remains skeptical. Mobius has indeed stated that the basic technology remains too open to attacks, and therefore is a "high risk situation... .. all that man creates can be broken ... and it could create a big crisis, so I think we have to be very careful with the blockchain "- Mobius said.