Cryptocurrencies will weigh 5% of US investments in the 2019

Cryptocurrencies will weigh 5% of U.S. investments in 2019. On the other hand, awareness about this tool is growing too little ...

Cryptocurrencies will weigh for the 5% of US investments in the 2019 - crypto investments

A new poll conducted by Harris poll found that the criptovaluta will represent a portion significant of the investments expected by U.S. citizens for 2019. Despite the continuous decline in the Bitcoin price and the overall assessment of the cryptocurrency markets, the prospects for future investments remain however particularly rosy, so much so that more US citizens are planning to be involved in the sector within the next year.

Traditional equities, bonds and real estate still hold the main part of market interests, but among US investors there is a growing perception that the criptovaluta it could be the next large asset class to participate in, and in particular capable of mitigating the overall risk of the portfolio, while continuing to gain upward exposure. Commissioned on behalf of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the Harris Poll survey found that among 35% of Americans who classify themselves as investors or intend to invest in 2019, the cryptocurrency will make up 5% of their total investment. To put this number in the right perspective, the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which have dominated cryptocurrency stocks following the round-trip process through the US Securities & Exchange Commission, now make up 8% of anticipated investments.

In addition to assessing interest in cryptocurrency investments, the survey sought to analyze education and understanding of the sector within American investors. Well, while the numbers were in line with other reports of lower than desired educational levels, it emerged that just under 50% of the interviewees had little or no understanding of the cryptocurrency, with a clear sign of the times, and a clear emphasis on how the cryptocurrency ecosystem still has a long way to go before reaching market saturation and greater adoption. In a statement addressing the conclusions of the Harris Poll survey, AICPA stressed the level of familiarity shown by American adults towards cryptocurrency, despite promising numbers for future investments, stating that "cryptocurrency appears to be alien to many investors. . The survey found that around half of US adults (48%) are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. "

The poll also found that the current ones cryptocurrency investors and those familiar with the industry have expressed conflicting views on the future of the market, with sentiment that is all in all understandable given the volatility that occurred in 2018. Among respondents who meet these criteria, 24% expect cryptocurrency to continue to appreciate the own value, despite the current downtrend, while 29% reported that the market will decline further. Respondents also identified the opportunity for continued market volatility, with 35% believing the price will continue to fluctuate wildly, while only 12% said prices will remain unchanged.