The University of Malta runs a course on blockchain and DLT

The University of Malta launches a course on blockchain and DLT - University of Malta

Interest in the blockchain is increasingly pronounced. This is particularly favored by the extremely positive perception of new technology in political circles and the business world. Just take a look at the news that comes from all over the world and related to the many partnerships that the most varied production sectors are launching with companies in the sector, to understand how blockchain is considered one resource with great potential. So much as to push the academic world to take note of what is happening.

The initiative of the University of Malta

The news site CrowdfundInsider has recently reported the news on the launch of a degree course on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) by the University of Malta. The students already enrolled would be 35 and during the DELTA summit which took place on the island on 3 October, Joshua Ellul, program director and president of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, he said that already 15 companies have made contact with the students of the course.
The decision of the Maltese university is in practice the realization of one partnerships undertaken in the summer of 2018 with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) in order to establish a scholarship for blockchain and DLT from 300 thousand euros.
With this initiative Malta confirms its predisposition to innovation, which in the past months had already earned it the nickname of "Blockchain island", so much so that it is now considered a real forerunner in the acceptance of new technology.

The employment prospects related to the blockchain

The attitude shown by the Maltese government authorities seems to derive from the ever more brilliant prospects of a technology to which a large part of the productive world now looks with great interest. To better understand what the potential of the blockchain is, just take a simple look at it repercussions in terms of employment which is provoking.
The starting point in this sense is an article published in 2018 by Financial News, according to which a developer can easily earn $ 130 a year. The salary can then go up significantly in the case of the most trained professionals and, therefore, the most sought after by the companies, who can safely see their salary go up to over 600 thousand dollars a year.
It should also be highlighted how the blockchain is literally invading sectors such as the automotive, fashion, large-scale distribution and in general all those where the certificazione of data can make a difference. An ever closer relationship with the production and service apparatus which provides for an ever more remarkable proliferation of applications based on this technology. We therefore need figures able to help companies in the sector to grow, who for their part do not let themselves be prayed for. Precisely the works connected to the blockchain are, at this moment, those that are showing the fastest growth, with 14 openings of employment for each developer.
To better understand what is happening, it would be enough to remember how according to the statistics of Analysis in Italy those with skills in this area can currently choose from more than 150 proposals. Given the hunger for our country, the academic world should also draw the necessary consequences.