mCoin, the cryptocurrency for "fair" mining

mCoin, the cryptocurrency for "fair" mining. The ICO operation of ONE's new cryptocurrency was successfully carried out.

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More than 30.000 people from over 150 different countries participated in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of mCoins, an innovative project that ended up involving some big names, including an African mobile operator who will distribute the virtual wallet and mCoin applications for its millions of subscribers.

But why is mCoin so successful? According to analysts, the rise of mCoin is due to adoption by ONE of blockchain technology on its SMS and Voice platform. In fact, more than half of the world's population still does not have Internet access and two billion people do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via mobile phone. The average income is less than $ 2,5 per day, thus representing a great opportunity for micro economy growth.

mCoin is in fact the first cryptocurrency with "pseudo-mining”, Which allows users to earn currency on any regular mobile phone. The owners of mCoin virtual wallet they will therefore allow users to send and receive mCoins to other people via a global ID ONE without having to enter a long and complicated alphanumeric wallet address, as is the case today.

As for the price of the cryptocurrency, those who participated in the ICO have subscribed to mCoin at 3 cents, while after June 3 its value will increase up to 5 cents, then touch the 10 cents when, in July, it will be available for exchange in Exchange. Additionally, original mCoin buyers will benefit from special bonuses over the next four weeks, such as a personalized mCoin commemorative card, and a 5% bonus to the alerter and submitter.