Cryptocurrency market in oscillation: bitcoin in red

Il cryptovalute market it is fluctuating again, strongly worries the trend of Bitcoins that have abandoned the threshold of $ 8 again. By mid-May, bitcoins had seen a rally quote also followed by quotes from other cryptocurrencies. One time reached $ 8, it was hoped for further growth, but instead there was a sudden slowdown, in fact the price of Bitcoins recorded a significant loss reaching $ 7100 before the weekend. But what happened on the weekend? These have not stopped and the swings have seen important changes. 

Bitcoin price: its trend in the last few days 

After Friday May 17 where the low of $ 7.079 was touched, the listing tried to recover at least part of the losses suffered during the week. So over the weekend the price of Bitcoins again reached $ 7.200. Despite the growth it has not led to recover the 8 thousand dollars, Bitcoin recovered some ground in the morning today, reaching a value of $ 7900. During the afternoon, however, the variation was highly negative, in fact these lost 4,6% reaching a exchange value of 6981 dollars. 

Market fluctuations for other cryptocurrencies 

As usually happens, the Bitcoin swings they were also followed by the other cryptocurrencies. For example, Ether hit the highs first, reaching an exchange rate of 278 dollars, after which this dropped to a low of $ 229. The quotation of Ripple they saw a rise to 47 cents, then this too slipped around $ 0,36. Litecoin had also reached a peak of $ 90 before, after which the value dropped to $ 77 on Saturday, and finally the cryptocurrency has recovered today bringing the exchanges back to $ 85. Despite Litecoin, which is recovering well from the drop at the moment main prices of cryptocurrencies continue to trade in reds. Not a positive start to the week.