Mining as a service with the MinedBlock lacio

Mining evolves as a service with the help of MinedBlock

Mining is a fundamental part of the blockchain for any cryptography either PoW that PoS, also other more recent algorithms such as PoE or PoP; some tokens start pre-drawn at 50% or even at 100% of the available supply.

However, most of the work is running on blockchain with some of the algorithms of mining existing; as in the case of Ethereum. The miners who support the network as the basis for the decentralization model become centralized as the growing cost of operational startup.

Mining as a service with MinedBlock lacio - MinedBlock minería como servicio

To change the course of events, MinedBlock designed a fair model for investors. During the course of 2017 and 2018, several mining ICOs were carried out, which sometimes offer a part of the mining revenues in exchange for investments.

However, making the initial sale without registering a regulated security token has produced fatal results. Mismanagement from the earliest days can erode even the most successful project, increasing the risk of failure for founders and investors. MinedBlock presents a mining operation focused on extraction as a service and the MBTX token is part of the equation.

The fundamental core of the mining operations center that it will conduct mining as a service

To host the project, a dedicated mining structure will be created that will focus on extracting more coins from the first 50 by market capitalization to ensure a wide range of revenue streams from which customers will benefit.

Through the proposed large-scale operation, we will contribute to improving currency decentralization where foreign currency groups already dominate rates hash of popular coins. From the beginning, there is an indication of a level of decentralization within the territories themselves, through the global distribution of mining data centers.

The founders Greg Wales (CEO) & Paul Bishop (COO), with Matthew Ruff (CSO) identify and manage the risks associated with the company's code of ethics. They are also responsible for catalysing projects to take advantage of business opportunities with impact. In short, the goal proposed by the founders, oriented to mining as a service, will test the usual difficulties of the services of cloud mining through a process based on STO, transparency and equal participation.

The solution to the uncertainty of "Cloud Mining" and other services with MBTX

MinedBlock is performing a security token offer using fully compatible Polymath ST20 tokens. This configuration allows them to raise funds to speed up the process described in the roadmap in an automated way, focusing on the most critical aspects. In this way, it accelerates the management process by the core team. A large scale data mining operation without the need to purchase, configure and maintain mining equipment and set it up in a transparent environment. For this reason, the MBTX security token will feed a feedback ecosystem, generating an ecosystem with the premise of maintaining mining as a service.

MinedBlock says it will offer a fully managed mining service, where it will be possible to count on specialists who will take care of the equipment. Maintenance and updates are essential to ensure efficiency and profitability remains at its best. It is an essential detail in an environment that neither sleeps nor rests; the aspect of working with maximum productivity without downtime makes the difference. Miners process 24 calculations hours a day, seven days a week, which is why a mining plant requires attention, maintenance and repairs.

Details of the STO event around the MBTX security token

MinedBlock Holding Limited will hold the 75% of the total mining service of which the shareholders will hold the 95%. MinedBlock Limited will hold the remaining 5% and will hold the 25% of the mining service. In addition, it will use mining revenue to grow the service to increase revenues. Participants in the sale of security tokens will be required to pass KYC checks through the website to enable inclusion in the white list via a smart contract.
The MBTX security token offer is currently running with a bonus of 5% on purchases. MBTX tokens are priced at $ 0,15 each

Documentation and transparency as an anti-fraud filter.

To meet the requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US investors will need to qualify as accredited investors. It is highly recommended to read the presentation document to understand the details, requirements and risks associated with cryptocurrency investments and data mining operations.

A minimum target (SoftCap) of $ 1.000.000 has been set for the project to be established.

Evaluation of the investor's commitment.

MinedBlock charges a nominal commission for the KYC process, which prevents fraudulent users from appearing as investors ... each user completing the KYC procedure will be credited with the equivalent number of MBTX cost tokens. In this process, the MBTX token will be delivered in proportion to the cost of the KYC process, at a discounted value of $ 0,075 each. This ensures that only the participants who wish to face the process are taken seriously, reducing the costs not necessary for the start of the company's operations.

Characteristics of services that can make the difference from mining as a service.

To be a reality as a sector, mining services must not be different from other conventional services. Professionalism, transparency, immediate attention to the customer / investor. These are details that make the difference. In this way, the sector shows a significant change with the controlled projects, registered as security and compliant with regulations.

The services mentioned in the Minedblock documentation mention the following features. With MinedBlock, you don't need to decide which currency or token you want to extract. MinedBlock counts on the exploitation of a variety of cryptocurrencies in favor of portfolio diversification. These decisions make it easier to get a correct distribution and maximize profitability.

Information on the hardware that is planned to be hosted in the facilities

As found in the documentation, MinedBlock will use a combination of ASIC units and GPU-based equipment (Mining Rigs). The initial plan is to divide the investment between the following material, pending new versions from the producers:

Bitmain Antminer S15 and S17 - BTC Mining

Custom Built GPU Mining Rigs - ETH & alt coin mining

Host services at MinedBlock will use fully secure data centers

Cryptocurrencies or tokens obtained from mining operations must be kept in cold storage. This method is commonly used for exchanges and other services, removing attackers from most things. Remember that cold storage is completely encrypted until it is time to use these cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Professionalism and transparency in the administration.

With the platform, users / investors are expected to save time and effort. In the blockchain sector, we find thousands of cryptographic coins or tokens; this means that only experts can configure the equipment for any extraction process. Expert process management defines and maintains mining equipment. This zero configuration process opens the door for users who do not have a thorough understanding. No client configuration is required. Careful management can save high operating costs successfully.

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