Cryptocurrency Mining is a boom in charity

Cryptocurrency Mining is a boom in charity. Discovering The Mining Screensaver, a recent project that involves thousands of users.

Cryptocurrency mining, charity is booming - mining screensaver

Drawing on other institutions, more and more charities have launched their own initiatives mining di cryptocurrency for philanthropic purposes.

The last example in this sense, in chronological order, is The Mining Screensaver, a project that has the ambitious goal - reads its mission - to "change the world" using the processing power of computers. Anyone willing to contribute to the initiative can therefore start the mining activity by downloading and installing the screensaver app, collaborating in the generation of new Monero, to be donated immediately to the Foundation.

But is such an initiative really effective? Considering that it is a charity, we can only have the benefit of the doubt. Those who seek to donate to worthy causes may not always have the money to make a difference and, therefore, the use of a simple screensaver like this could be an effective way to open paths to otherwise non-existent contributions.

It is clear however that The Mining Screensaver has a very high level goal, such as that of "changing the world" (or, in this case, helping people change the world). But can a voluntary cryptocurrency and mining botnet generate enough funds to make such significant changes?

In fact, The Mining Screensaver reports that its mechanism could generate $ 10.000 donations in a month if 10.000 users ran the screensaver for 12 hours a day. It's correct? If we take for example what TorrentFreak reports, if Coinhive generates 0.00015 XMR for every million hashes (a mid-range laptop is capable of about 30 H / s), it could generate about 130 XMR per month, or about $ 18.000. A quick calculation that, at first glance, seems to confirm's request.

However, be careful not to make simple confusions. The Mining Screensaver is not an actual screensaver, but simply a web page that must be left open to contribute to charitable causes, and in particular to help displaced refugee children. It currently has just over 19.000 users actively contributing to their projects.