Monero, create cryptocurrencies (without knowing it) thanks to a Chrome extension

Monero, create cryptocurrencies (without knowing it) thanks to a Chrome extension: Google removes the offending extension from its store.

Monero, create cryptocurrencies (without knowing it) thanks to a Chrome extension - monero 1024x532

Mining Monero XMR with Browser

They can be undermined Monero with an extension of Chrome, the well-known Google browser? Maybe yes, as long as you don't have huge aspirations.

And above all, trying not to fall victim to one of the last scams in cryptocurrency matters, discovered by a theme of security experts, who have noticed how Archive Poster, a popular browser extension, installs without the knowledge of users Coinhive, program which can generate cryptocurrency. But how?

Malware Archive Poster

According to what has now been published and shared by many users who unwittingly ended up dealing with a malware, Archive Poster installs on PCs too Coinhive, a program used to undermine i Monero, one of the most known and appreciated "secondary" cryptocurrencies (compared to Bitcoin).

Malware is not harmful to personal computers, but still puts a strain on your CPU in order to generate cryptocurrency not for your benefit, but for the benefit of hackers.

Check Chrome extensions

Fortunately, after users reported, Google chose to eliminate readily Archive Poster from the Chrome store and therefore, at the time of writing, it is no longer possible to be "infected" by this malware by new downloads.

Check PC CPU

For the old, however, it remains to be seen how your PC is behaving: if the fans are always on and through the management of the activities you can see that the CPU is working at maximum, probably it is appropriate to investigate the health of your own pc.

You might even find that the fault of the overload lies with a malware that is undermining cryptocurrencies without your knowledge: to eliminate it, simply check whether Coinhive stands out among the programs installed on your PC, and thus scan with your antivirus, provided it is up to date .