Nayib Bulkele tweets his Bitcoin predictions for 2022

Nayib Bulkele tweets his Bitcoin forecast for 2022 - 244600352 423075675843908 1607459605241621964 nEl Salvador President Nayyib Bukele expressed confidence that in 2022 the price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 100.000.

It also predicts that two other countries will adopt Bitcoin as their fiat currency.

Other predictions include:

  • BTC will become a significant election issue in this year's US election.
  • El Salvador Bitcoin City will begin construction.
  • El Salvador Volcano bonds will be oversubscribed.
  • Huge surprises will come at this year's Bitcoin conference.

In 2021, Bitcoin will become fiat currency in El Salvador, the first country to make such a move. The population of the country already works with BTC, next to the dollar. El Salvador has no local currency issued by their central bank, which has facilitated the arrival of Bitcoin as legal tender. The president of El Salvador vehemently believes that other territories should adopt BTC as their fiat currency.

Two countries will adopt Bitcoin in 2022

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele makes optimistic predictions for Bitcoin in 2022. He made a bold prediction saying that two more countries will adopt Bitcoin as their currency in 2022. He hasn't made it clear which nations they would be and when this could happen despite his beliefs.

Let's assume that the adoption of Bitcoin by two other countries is confirmed. In this case, the introduction of Bitcoin to more people and the number of territories that legally accept BTC will double from 2021. In other words, this could be one of the most significant steps in the government-wide BTC flourishing.

Bitcoin will reach $ 100.000

In addition to being adopted by multiple countries, Nayib Bukele believes Bitcoin will achieve a quotation of $ 100.000 in 2022.

In the initial three days of 2022, the price of Bitcoin is moving sideways. Each Bitcoin is now worth $ 46.925 per unit. Over the past two years, in 2020 and 2021, the start of each year has been followed by a solid upward rally in cryptocurrency prices. If 2022 follows previous years, we could see BTC approach $ 100.000.

Furthermore, Bukele believes that Bitcoin will be a problem in the upcoming elections scheduled for 2022 in the United States, scheduled for November.

In El Salvador, the president stressed that Bitcoin City will start building. The president also mentioned that volcano bonds will be overwritten when they are sold on the market.

His latest prediction is that he will go to The Bitcoin Conference 2022 event with a new surprise for the market. In 2021, he announced that the digital currency would become legal tender in his country. Recall that the government of El Salvador recently bought 21 BTC to celebrate "the last 21 days of the 21st year of the 21st century".

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