OkCoin: opens to Europe and allows you to buy cryptocurrencies in euros

OkCoin cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to expand its trading services and for this reason it has recently inaugurated a new office in Malta. This is what was revealed in a post published on official OkCoin blog the 4 June. 

Thanks to this expansion of the workforce, OkCoin will be able to offer its services also to non-US customers, who can choose to withdraw, deposit and exchange euros in cryptocurrencies. The euro can therefore be used to exchange currencies like the Bitcoin (BTC) see listing, Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH). According to the post, the exchange will also be able to add other couples in the future, based on the progress of its business after the offices are opened on the island. 

The Malta office opened by the company, is currently located inside the hub which takes the nickname ChiliZ Blockchain Campus. In this context, the new office will be able to operate in compliance with the Virtual Financial Asset Act, which is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Jovan Gavrilovich, the general manager declared after this step that: Europe is an essential area to be able to allow the evolution of the cryptocurrency market. This continent is the seat of progressive ideas that allow to innovate and interrupt the status quo of the global financial system, while still managing to maintain a fairly balanced regulatory approach. 

The expansionist aims of OkCoin

The expansion of OkCoin it had already started last November, when it had decided to launch its services trading fiat and cryptocurrencies in Argentina, as a first step towards its détente across Latin America, trying to add more local fiat coins to its lists in the months to come. The company at the strong time of this idea he was also trying to open an office in the city of Buenos Aires. So the expansion of OkCoin which is now approaching the European continent, may not cease and foresees in the future the opening of potential new offices also in other areas of the world as well as in Europe.