OKEx announces support for ETC's hard fork

The cryptographic exchange rate OKEx announced its support for the upcoming Ethereum Classic (ETC) hard ford, Atlantis.

In fact, in a blog post published last September 10, OKEx announced that the exchange will support theETC hard fork, which is estimated to take place between the 12 and the 13 September 2019 at the 8.772.000 height of the blockchain.

OKEx advised, in the press release, that during the expected period of the hard fork, interested users should deposit their ETCs in OKEx in advance, thus allowing the exchange to manage the related technical issues with due calm. OKEx then specified that it will resume the usual services once the ETC main network is stable.

As known, Atlantis should be a coherent and innovative update, able to guarantee the compatibility of the ETC with Ethereum (ETH), and leading to an easier collaboration with the blockchains of the two projects. The hard fork is also expected to improve the functionality and stability of the ETC.

Atlantis will presumably provide wider capabilities for interoperability between blockchain networks and off-chain protocols. ETC Labs, which actively contributed to the Atlantis project, stated that the ETC community had time to discuss the scope of this novelty, and that based on these discussions the ways and terms for the Atlantis release were established. There is of course a question about ETC's safety regarding the project, which is always particularly discussed.