Ontology launches its new blockchain

Ontology launches its new blockchain. A new and interesting project that enriches the cryptographic value ecosystem.

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In these hours, with no setbacks, 700 million dollars of cryptocurrency are about to find a new home.

This because Ontology, a crypto-value project of Shanghai, who works closely with those who are at the base of the Neo blockchain, is launching its own blockchain, for a step to indicate that one of the largest 20 cryptographic assets in the world has finally chosen to operate on its own proprietary technology.

Ontology is trying to provide a high volume of transactions with better terms than quickness need economy, helping companies to tackle the thorny problems of interoperability and identity. As such, Ontology is one of the many public blockchains that appeal to businesses, as well as - for example - Tron e Vechain.

Ontology and Neo

However, what could be distinguished Ontology is the team experience. The basic protocol emerged from Neo, another project founded by Da Hongfei, who is also CEO of Onchain, who developed a blockchain platform for private companies called DNA. In the meantime, Ontology founder Li Jun told CoinDesk that his company and Neo are "strategic technology partners", thus confirming the close relationships between the two sides.

Moreover, similar to Neo (with NEO and GAS), the network will support two tokens. So far, only the ont exists: a token on the Neo blockchain was distributed to NEO owners in an airdrop, half of which has already been completed (the other half is scheduled for the launch of the mainnet, in these hours). Except for unexpected obstacles, these tokens will migrate to a proprietary blockchain in the coming days and, once landed there, will act as a governance mechanism, with users in possession of ONTs who can participate in making decisions on the network.

Ontology releases GAS ONG 

ONT token holders will also begin to receive newly created NGO tokens, which will play a role similar to Neo's GAS tokens, financing the execution of smart contracts. Each ONT "releases" the ONG tokens for 18 years.

Where to buy Ontology and listing 

You can see the real-time quotation of ontology on the dedicated page.

The purchase can be done on Binance