Pelé, the living legend of world football, is just the latest celebrity to enter the NFT world

Pelé, the living legend of world football, is just the latest celebrity to enter the NFT world - PeleEdson Arantes do Nascimento, popularly known as Pele, will now be honored with the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for his amazing work on the football field.

According to recent news, a new collection of Pele-themed NFTs will be released on May 2nd on the Ethernity Chain platform. The unique digital collectibles were created by Kingsletter, an Australian concept artist and Visual Lab. It is worth noting that Pelé's physical vintage cards are the most valuable trading cards in the world. The NFT hopes to gain a similar position to traditional cards in the football industry.

The funds raised will go to charity

After the first batch release, the platform plans to release another series of Pelé's NFT cards sometime later. Specifically, 90% of NFT sales will go to the Pele Foundation, a global charity dedicated to empowering and educating children with poverty problems.

Ethernity CEO and founder Nick Rose Ntertsas said they are focusing on creating the largest NFT collectible library, adding that Pelé's NFTs are a significant milestone for the platform.

Announcing the news on Twitter, Pele said:

“My friends, I am happy to announce that Ethernity is launching a legendary NFT in my honor. It's really nice to be immortalized like this. That honor! Visit to find out more ”.

Before his retirement in 1977, what is now an 80-year-old gentleman was a Brazilian professional footballer, playing in the role of forward. His popularity has grown so much over the years that he is now considered to be one of the best footballers of all time. Pelé was also voted the "footballer of the century" by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. In his career he played and won three World Cups with Brazil, in 1958, 1962 and 1970. In his career, Pele scored a total of 1279 goals in 1363 games. A real legend together with another myth who recently disappeared like Maradona.

Only the latest in chronological order 

These collectibles have taken the internet by storm recently, after various people have shown themselves willing to spend millions to purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces. The most expensive NFT, “The Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” sold for $ 69,3 million, followed by Cryptopunk # 3100 which sold for $ 8 million.

The number of NFTs has grown enormously in the sports sector and in many other sectors. In the sports industry, these tokens have been acquired by various leagues, including the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Some famous people like Tom Brady are reportedly planning to release their NFT platform later in the year.

Others like New York Mets player Pete Alonso are auctioning NFTs and donating the proceeds to help minor league baseball winners.