For Wall Street Bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency

For Wall Street Bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency. Encouraging new opinions on the future of the digital currency.

For Wall Street Bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency - bitcoin wall street 678x381

Bitcoin is still the best bet for cryptocurrency investors: to support it is - among the many famous exponents of Wall Street - Bart Smith, head of the digital sector at the commercial giant Susquehanna International Group. "If you want to own a cryptocurrency asset that you can actually use today and that people use functionally, this is a bitcoin," said Smith, who later defined bitcoin as "The currency of the Internet".

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency for market capitalization, is of course just one of the many digital coins that have appeared in the crypto universe in recent years, and that has undergone a thorough check in recent months, considering that regulators are trying to determine how best to use cryptocurrency.

However, it is not so much the financial aspect as the commercial and settlement aspect that confers the competitive advantage of bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies. Last fall, when i was announced bitcoin futures, "People got excited about bitcoin," he said. "They really got excited about all these other tokens and their use cases, and suddenly many small assets massively outperformed" - continued the expert.

"If you look carefully at smart contracts and other different technological advances, I think people will soon realize how very difficult those things are and they will not be able to reach us in the very short term" - said Smith, who he also stressed that many people who work in one country and send money to another country may be the first to take full advantage of bitcoin.

“They use Western Union or traditional banks. That is, slow and expensive systems, "he said. “And there are people who can stop you from sending that money. With bitcoin, however, I can send money quickly and cheaply "- he added.