Because Mark Cuban thinks Ethereum is "more of a real currency" than Bitcoin

Why Mark Cuban thinks Ethereum is "more a real currency" than Bitcoin - btc ethAmerican billionaire investor and businessman Mark Cuban believes that Ethereum is "more of a real currency" than Bitcoin. Furthermore, he pointed out that his cryptocurrency wallet contains around 30% of Ethereum.

Appearing on the Delphi Podcast, Mark Cuban expressed his excitement about the Ethereum blockchain primarily for the existence of Smart Contracts and the fact that it is likely to improve over time.

What are smart contracts 

Smart contracts are self-executing programs on the Ethereum blockchain with the terms of an agreement between the parties involved written directly in the codes.

Cuban said he believed they changed everything, noting that: “Smart contracts have arrived and that created DeFi and NFT. This is what changed the world. This is what thrilled me ”.

He also compared the evolution of Smart Contracts to the advent of the Internet in the late 90s and 2000s, as they are revolutionizing the way things are done.

On Bitcoin, however, Cuban continues to believe it is more suitable as a reserve value rather than a real currency. Despite this, he claimed to have 60% of Bitcoin in his wallet. He also noted that 10% of his portfolio contains "the remainder" without indicating which assets they are.

According to Cuban, Bitcoin can be compared to gold, but it is a better alternative. He also said that: "He is taking money out of gold and will continue to do so."

Cuban may now be more involved in cryptocurrencies, as he revealed in a tweet three months ago saying he still has "cryptocurrencies from the early days of coinbase" and has never sold anything.

Recall that the billionaire investor called Bitcoin a "bubble" three years ago

Also, many times in 2019, he said he would rather have bananas than Bitcoin in his wallet, because at least he can eat them.

Earlier that year, he criticized Facebook's Libra profile, calling it "a big mistake". Nonetheless, the billionaire's opinion on cryptocurrencies has evolved over the years, saying he buys crypto assets for fun and "to learn," among other reasons.

In addition to Mark Cuban, other prominent billionaires have expressed their views on BTC and cryptocurrencies in general. American businessman Sam Zell who says he is "skeptical" about everything and the founder of Ichan Enterprises, Carl Ichan, calling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies "ridiculous".

Among those who criticize this sector so much, there are also others such as Elon Musk, the Winklevoss twins, Mike Novogratz, etc. who have demonstrated constant support for virtual resources.

These views of such prominent business people are able to influence how others view digital assets which, in turn, would go a long way in determining whether they are here to stay or will fade with time.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin and Ethereum are doing quite well, having one quotation 59k and 2k dollars respectively.

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