Why does Twitter go against its Crypto community?

Why is Twitter going against its Crypto community? - Twitter Poll About Half Of All Crypto Traders Hold More Altcoins Than Bitcoins 696x449 1Twitter and its creator Jack Dorsey have long claimed to be supporters of both bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, but according to some of the leading members of the digital community, this may not be the case.

Twitter is hindering members of the Crypto community

Mike Dudas - a technology investor and founder of The Block crypto analysis website - said that Dorsey is stepping in to put a brake on him. In other words, Twitter doesn't have the courage to tell him clearly that he's been banned and that his tweets aren't reaching the right people.

He simply noted that his messages are not having the spread they once had, and that his followers often remain unaware of his tweets. Yes, but only slightly was banned - not enough to say it formally.

In a recent interview, Dudas commented: “They are doing it, people. Twitter's Crypto community has been banned in the shadows. I noticed it with my account this week. All the tweets I post get far fewer reactions than normal. "

And he is not the only one to think so

Several other members who are heavily involved in cryptography have made similar complaints and if what they say is actually true, it would not be so out of the ordinary for a platform like Twitter.

The social media giant already has a history of bans and blockades from those users that it just seems not to love. For example, several conservatives and Republican party members in the United States complain that their tweets have been silenced or that their accounts are constantly blocked due to the content, despite never having written words of conflict or anything that can be considered offensive.

At the same time, Democrats who release similar material are often ignored. Dorsey claims to be a big fan of bitcoin. Recently, the social media tycoon announced that he would spend three to six months traveling the African continent trying to bring bitcoin and its many benefits to the peoples living there. In the past, he also commented that bitcoin was likely to be the main currency in the world within the next eight years.

A lot of wrong information

There is no doubt that he likes bitcoin and has a lot of respect for it. So why is he trying to ban or block the interventions of the people potentially involved? Is it because of some sort of competition that he's trying to avoid?

What could be your motivation? Despite all the love of bitcoin, Twitter boasts a good deal of misinformation about the world's number one digital currency. In recent times, the platform is (and has been) plagued by numerous crypto scams, many of which also involve Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Hackers have often used fake accounts in his name as a means of getting their hands on Ethereum and bitcoin funds that are not owned by them.