Falling GPU mining prices follow the trend of cryptocurrencies

Falling GPU prices follow the trend of cryptocurrencies. Here's what a recent Computerworld focus tells us.

Falling GPU mining prices follow the trend of cryptocurrency - cryptocurrency mining

The prices of specialized graphics processing units (GPU) are in decline, following the fall in prices in the digital currency markets. According to what he says Computerworld in a reconstruction of July 10th, while in late 2017 and early 2018 the cryptocurrency mining had led to a sharp increase in the price of high-end GPUs, the trend now seems to have rapidly reversed, precisely in conjunction with the contraction of the cryptographic markets.

I component prices Additional (AIB) are decreasing and supplies are growing due to a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices. Jon Peddie Research's digital media director, C. Robert Dow, told Computerworld that he predicted the drop, adding that "the cost of running the mining platforms is not insignificant, so when the price of currencies drops ... people choose to download their AIB to the secondary market hoping to recover part of the costs ".

AIB mining

A survey conducted by Jon Peddie Research revealed that cryptocurrency miners purchased over 3 million AIBs for $ 776 million in 2017, most of which had been produced by AMD, a manufacturer of semiconductor microprocessors and computer. At the end of 2017 and the beginning of the current year, many high-end expansion cards were sold out, leading to a consequent increase in prices.

Mining graphics card

According to Computerworld, AMD's 580-GB RX 4 six-pack OEM was out of stock at $ 3,600 in April, while today it is available for $ 2,500. An 1080GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 5 Founders Edition, GDDR3.0X PCI Express 8 graphics card was sold at a price of $ 1.050, but can now be purchased for $ 709.

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Motherbordard mining

However, the recent price slump has not discouraged hardware manufacturers from releasing new systems for cryptocurrency mining. In May, the American manufacturer ASUS announced the release of its "second generation" cryptocurrency "motherboard mining", which is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2018.

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Mining ASIC

In April, the Chinese tech giant Bitmain announced the release of an ASIC Ethash mining system, calling it the "most powerful and efficient". Bitmain outperformed U.S. producer Nvidia in 2017 in overall earnings, making about $ 3-4 billion.