What are the best Stablecoin 4 uphill?

In contrast to the current bearish trend of the cryptocurrency that in the last hours have suffered a decrease, some Stablecoin manage to keep the hopes of the sector high.

Let's find out in this guide what are the 4 Stablecoin uphill? Currency-anchored assets are recording strong gains despite a general downward trend.

It is a uptrend which is increasingly opening doors to a series of dangerous pitfalls.

What are the best Stablecoin 4 uphill? - quotation stablecoin

Stablecoin uphill for the year 2019

Here are the 4 Stablecoin promising to bet on for the year 2019. 


It is a blockchain platform or an unauthorized network that seeks to improve on previous block chain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Tezos uses a proof-of-stake consensus model in which each stakeholder can participate in the validation of transactions on the network and be rewarded accordingly. Due to its self-modifying function, the Tezos stablecoin can be updated without the need to fork the blockchain. Tezos provides a platform for creation of Smart Contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Tesoz can be purchased on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, Huobi Global. In the last few hours Tezos see quotation earned the 5,4% in the latest 24 hours.


This is a powerful ecosystem that has experienced an increase in Komodo listing of the 6 / 7% although the digital asset environment has a negative trend. The Komodo platform is truly innovative. Stablecoin KMD is one of the basic currencies of the DEX protocol and swaps made via KMD receive a 10% discount on trading fees.


ABBC Coin (previously known as the Alibabaco) has undergone a 6% increase, despite the market has undergone a bearish trend. The price of the ABBC currency is equal to 0,227 USD as of July 14, 2019. If you purchase the ABBC Coin for $ 100 today, you will get a total of 440.372 ABBC. According to the experts' forecasts, an increase in turnover equal to + 717,9%.


WINE Stablecoin on the EOS blockchain, this asset is pegged to the US dollar. Carbon CEO Sam Trautwein stressed that it is a thriving ecosystem. These are critical infrastructures from a value point of view.

Carbon's main purpose is to develop other infrastructures for the digital economy to increase connectivity. Thanks to keychain blockchain networks, the team of this stablecoin will provide greater value for the internal crypto sector in the long run.

Users are able to generate the asset through the extraction process. Carboncoin has a current offer of 15.392.022.541 CARBON. Its price is € 0,000017 EUR and has a ROI of the + 393%