How much is a Bitcoin in Swiss Francs?

After the end of the 2017 the value of the Bitcoin has witnessed a significant depreciation, although in the last period its trend seems to be bullish.

On April 8, 2019, a Bitcoin had a value in euros of approximately 4.667 and in Swiss francs of 5.155, today 12th April 2019 a Bitcoin is worth 5.092,63 Swiss francs e 4.498,09 €.

After a long period in which the digital cryptocurrency suffered a decline almost equal to 80%, Bitcoin seems to have returned to the forefront within the digital asset market and is preparing for a new period of strong growth and expansion.

Bitcoin trend on the market: what should you pay attention to?

A single Bitcoin can be worth a lot both if related to the euro and to the Swiss francs: its value so high lies in the difficulty of undermine the BTCs within the market.

Being a cryptocurrency it does not exist materially and, in order to own Bitcoins, it is necessary to rely on a pool of "miners".

Its high value is compared to that of other existing monetary currencies such as euros or Swiss francs and depends on the match between supply and demand.

Bitcoin: from exploit to depreciation

After the Bitcoin boom on the cryptocurrency market, investors around the world began to understand the actual potential of this cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of the 2018 in fact, a single Bitcoin had a value of about 12.000 € and almost 14.000 Swiss francs. Nothing compared to the value of this digital currency at the beginning of 2017, the year in which its maximum value was recorded: 1 Bitcoin was worth about 15.000 € it's almost 16.500 Swiss francs. As of today, as we can see, his trend has suffered a very strong decline, but what are the real motivations?

The present value of digital currency has undergone a strong process fall caused by various factors. First of all it is certainly represented by the financial speculation of which the Bitcoins have been the object, which has already caused a bearish trend of almost 2018% at the end of 40.

Secondly, there is the widespread diffusion that has affected all the cryptocurrencies in the world: before this phenomenon, in fact, the availability of Bitcoin within the digital market was extremely high and "collecting them" was certainly easier.  

The Bitcoins have been and are the object of interest by an increasing number of investors, financiers and potential buyers who, in light of the new optimistic forecasts on market trends, they want to get their hands on this and other digital currencies to increase the economic returns on their investments.