This Pre-Sale Cryptocurrency Continues Its Rise!

This Pre-Sale Cryptocurrency Continues Its Rise! - XRThe specialists announced it clearly at the end of 2022: 2023 should be the year of the Metaverse. While many applications are created or developed within companies, the project we are talking about today is in a completely different sphere.

It is in fact RobotEra, a cryptocurrency whose name you may have already heard!

RobotEra, what is it about?

Robotera is a mix between using the Metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E), a world where you can earn money in the form of rewards.

This promising cryptocurrency is not the first P2E to launch its pre-sale, but it is part of the new generation of P2E who intend to attract crowds through the quality of their games, not just through the rewards.

Those who have made this mistake in the past, trying to ride on the success of Axie Infinity, have failed due to their unsustainable business model.

This cryptocurrency should therefore delight the crowds thanks to the world it offers, similar in terms of principles to sandboxes, and powered by the native token TARO, the subject of this presale, which has already gathered thousands of participants for a total of almost one million dollars raised .

RobotEra, a world without limits

RobotEra's ambition is to give its players access to a huge multidimensional map-like Metaverse, to connect entertainment, strategy, exploration and interaction with other players.

It is a world of its own, in which the developers intend to fascinate their players and encourage them to spend as much time as possible. The world in question is called Planet Taro, which was recently destroyed by a devastating war between robots and humans.

As a result of this apocalypse, only 10.000 robots have awakened, scattered around the world, with human feelings and ideas, as if the war they fought had created hybrids.

Thus, the only will of these humanoids, although very mechanical, is to explore and rebuild this world. These bots are NFTs that you embody. The players' goal will be to acquire one of these avatars and use it to explore territories, find resources and companions and contribute to the reconstruction.

Create and earn

The best part of this ecosystem is the freedom given to the player. The player can do anything in the vastness of this world, which is already very exciting to explore by itself, not to mention the main goal of rebuilding.

The tasks that can be performed are many: players will be able to extract new avatars, build, collect, produce energy, play, etc. In this way, they will fully own this world, which they will build according to their will. This is the magic of RobotEra: the developers themselves don't know what Taro will be like after a few thousand hours of play…

As a result, it could very well turn into a bucolic place with warm colors or a futuristic planet with a cold and gloomy atmosphere. Additionally, players will be able to visit other participants' worlds across the Metaverse to discover each other's originality and creativity.

There is still time to embark on TARO

So if this description makes you want to take part in the adventure, it might be worth hurrying! Indeed, the pre-sale of RobotEra is still in its first phase. So if you intend to participate, you might as well do it at the best price.

At this stage, you will benefit from a price of $0,02 for a TARO token. So, for every 100 USDT invested in the pre-sale, you will receive 5000 tokens. A great opportunity to participate in an exciting adventure and, why not, to make significant profits in the future.