United Kingdom: 20% of Millennials have already invested in cryptocurrencies

United Kingdom: 20% of Millennials have already invested in cryptocurrencies - young cryptocurrencies

The London law firm, the Michelmores LLP, conducted an investigation into UK millennials. During this, the study found that 20% of them invested in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC)

The results of the survey were subsequently published on FXStreet, and it was possible to reveal that the individuals who were born between the 1881 and the 1996 and who have a fortune to be able to invest at least 25 thousand pounds, the 20% decided to place part of the funds at their disposal in the asset dedicated to digital currencies. 

According to FXStreet, 20% is an encouraging figure, especially if we consider the average of the whole nation that is 3%. So they are more interested the millennials to this investment opportunity than the general public is, despite having the possibility of investing, perhaps, even greater funds. 

Furthermore, if you look at millennials with an investable asset of 75 thousand, the percentage of investors in digital currencies is growing the most and reaches 29%. 

Also note, like the 70% of people who were interviewed claims that their investable assets derive from work, hence salaries and wages, only 40% instead owes its economic availability to the profits generated by other types of investment. 

Participation in these new investment opportunities translates into a very high level of familiarity with new financial instruments such as online trading and cryptocurrencies. The millenials interviewed they say they use online trading platforms a lot, but 27% prefers social trading platforms and is active in communities dedicated to this sector. 

Those who are less interested are the new generations, who do not seem to trust the cryptocurrency sector. According to a survey conducted during the month of July, this year from Business Insider, a large part of Generation Z, which includes people born between the 1995 and the 2010, is neither interested nor planning the purchase of digital currencies. 

Finally, the results of a survey that was conducted by Kaspersky Lab, have revealed that the 20% of the world population has purchased cryptocurrencies. While the 14% plans to invest in this asset in the near future.