Ripple, that's why the prices went up by 15%

Ripple, that's why the prices went up by 15%: rumors about Coinbase's interest are benefiting XRP's prices.

Ripple, that's why prices went up 15% - coinbase ripple

- crypto-value investors they rushed to stock up on Ripple yesterday, helping to bring the price of the asset up 15% since the first exchanges of the day. But for what reason?

To push the prices of the currency were the rumors that the exchange Coinbase would be about to add it to its offers.

XRP, the digital offering of Ripple, used for cross-border payments, is currently still quite "difficult" to buy, given that it is not offered in most major exchanges. But that didn't stop it become the third cryptocurrency in the world by capitalization, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a market value of over 41 billion dollars.

However, the rumors of Coinbase's possible support for Ripple are hardly new. Rumors have been tracing back periodically for months, but traders have again been encouraged to approach Ripple by the fact that today CEO Brad Garlinghouse will appear on CNBC's Fast Money program, and Coinbase president Asiff Hirji should also be on the same program, although in separate sessions.

Ripple declined to comment on the rumors, recalling that its policy provides for the will not to face speculation on its own account.

However, analysts are convinced that a possible link to Coinbase would allow retail investors to purchase the currency on the website or app. Also keep in mind that on the Ripple website you can read the names of all the exchanges in which XRP is available for purchase, such as Bitstamp, Kraken and Gatehub.