According to Boccia (PD) politics cannot remain at the window on cryptocurrencies

The publication of the Libra White Paper, the now famous cryptocurrency of Facebookhas naturally provoked a series of more or less predictable reactions. Starting from that of the market, which seems to be betting on a new advance in the sector, enticed by the names of the companies which together with the one founded by Mark Zuckerberg show that they have great confidence in the destinies of digital assets.
Among the voices that have risen in our country, there is also that of Francesco Boccia, an important exponent of the Democratic Party, who wanted to express his views on the relationship between politics and virtual currencies.

Boccia's tweet

Boccia's opinion was entrusted to Twitter, asking in particular where governments, central banks and the European Commission are at such an important moment as the one symbolized by the coming advent of Libra. The same Boccia fears then the risk of chaos which could derive from the fact that cryptocurrencies of all kinds are now exponentially increasing alternative payment methods (it would be enough to think in this sense of the minibots proposed in Italy and voted unanimously by Parliament), whose use is becoming more and more casual.
Precisely for this reason, the Democratic politician continues, politics, at every level, national and community, cannot remain at the window, pretending that nothing is happening. A heartfelt appeal which, however, seems to go in the direction of a repression of the phenomenon, rather than towards a regulation capable of protecting those who decide to invest in the sector.

What is happening in Italy?

The concerns expressed by Boccia fall into a still quite confused picture. If it is indeed true that in our country there is a regulation of digital assets, it is also true that the Consob (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange), the authority responsible for supervising financial activities is working to try to draw up a framework of clear rules
A framework of rules that have also been requested by numerous Italian startups active in the Blockchain sector, in order to finally be able to count on a regulatory framework able to ensure certainty, without however being too invasive. In the absence of which the same could finally decide to find a more comfortable and welcoming ecosystem, such as the one that is emerging in Malta or San MarinoCountries that have repeatedly expressed their intention to transform themselves into real ones technological hubs. An event that could prove disastrous for Italy, cutting the country out of a sector with a high degree of innovation and which could lead to the creation of jobs for the many young Italians who are looking for employment.
Boccia's words ultimately show a focus on cryptocurrencies which could eventually be directed towards one strict regulations that prove to be fatal for the sector in Italy, when instead there would be need to create favorable conditions for technology companies to prevent them from leaving the country.