Sorgenia allows payments in Bitcoins

Sorgenia allows payments in Bitcoin - Sorgenia

More and more are the companies who look with interest to the sector of cryptocurrency, considering them clearly a possible help, especially with regard to payments. How he decided to do Sorgenia, one of the main companies operating in the Italian energy sector, which has decided to open payments for some services to Bitcoin.

Customers can now pay at BTC

As a result of this decision, Sorgenia's customers who have a cryptocurrency account they can select this payment method on the company marketplace, which can be reached by the app or on the web, as is currently the case for payments made with a credit card. The value that will be charged to the customer will correspond to the value of the virtual currency at the time of the transition, without the need to pay additional commissions. A service for free which makes the company a true forerunner in this sense and which clearly demonstrates its willingness to use the latest technology.

Products that can be purchased with cryptocurrency

At first, the products that users can purchase by paying in Bitcoin will be the smart home solutions for a more efficient home (smart meters, wireless thermostats, wi-fi detectors) and i e-mobility objects (hoverboard, scooter, naturally electric skateboards) aimed at allowing a more sustainable urban lifestyle and ecological movements. However, an extension of the proposal to other products and services is already foreseen, as mentioned by Alberto Bigi, The company's Chief Innovation & Development Officer. In particular, the intention is to allow thereby also the bill payment, thus facilitating customers with a higher technological propensity.

The collaboration with Chainside

The project has been entrusted to chainside, a company that already has considerable experience in the field of payments through virtual currencies. He was the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lorenzo Giustozzi, to declare its satisfaction with the agreement reached with Sorgenia. A partnership that allows Chainside to strengthen its intent aimed at creating an ecosystem in which payments with virtual currencies become completely natural. Whether these payments are made live or online.  
It should be emphasized that this first agreement with a company operating in the energy sector may have a direct consequence the adoption of the system also by the others, thus allowing cryptocurrencies to expand their influence to an extremely important sector of the economy. According to analysts, it could also prove to be a sort of picklock, opening the door to the purchase of other categories of consumer goods in our country. A hypothesis made concrete by the fact that according to Luigi Gabriele, vice president of the non-profit group Visionari and member of the group of experts of the Ministry of economic development regarding blockchain technologies, in our country BTCs would currently be available for a value of around 3,5 billion dollars. An impressive mass of virtual money whose release into the real economy is considered very important precisely to give breath to many sectors.