Swaps.app Simplify the cryptocurrency buying experience with the launch of a new platform

Buying cryptocurrency reached a new level of ease and convenience in 2021 with the introduction of Swaps.app, a powerful new fiat-crypto conversion tool. Available in over 160 countries 24/24, the revolutionary platform delivers near-instant transactions securely and legally.

Swaps.app has a user-friendly interface that automatically blocks the best available rate for its users at the time of placing each order. It also boasts seamless trading functionality, an average transaction time of three minutes, and one of the lowest fees in the industry. This combination of elements makes Swaps.app an unmatched platform for cryptocurrency purchases in terms of what is currently offered by the competition.

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Bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses

The unavailability of regional exchanges, rigorous KYC processes and / or exorbitant fees have prevented millions of potential cryptocurrency users from buying cryptocurrencies. Although the barriers to its ownership have been high, Swaps.app is reinventing the way people think about buying cryptocurrencies by making the experience as quick, fair and secure as possible. Users only need a Visa or MasterCard and to reside in one of the over 160 supported countries to become a cryptocurrency owner.
Another way Swaps.app is matching the playing field is by simplifying the purchase of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Instead of having to place trade orders, users simply set the amount of cryptocurrencies they want to buy and the platform will lock in the best available rate, with the price execution performed by the best liquidity providers. Swaps.app also offers lower commissions than any comparable competitor in the industry.

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Highly accessible, highly secure

To make sense of its customers, Swaps.app has anticipated their legal status of operation, obtaining the proper and necessary license of an EU regulated company to do business. For those looking to purchase larger amounts of coins, users will be pleased to know that the KYC process takes an average of three minutes to complete.
Swaps.app currently supports euro exchanges for Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). For developers and merchants, the platform contains a handy widget that can be easily embedded into any web page, making it easy for online stores to accept cryptocurrency payments. Payments can be made by credit or debit card and purchases are usually delivered to the customer's wallet within 15 minutes. Purchases are 3-DS V2 secure transactions that use Level 1 PCI DSS certification and are verified by Visa or Mastercard ID Check.

About Swaps.app

Swaps.app is a fully secure and legally compliant platform for fiat and cryptocurrency conversion, owned and operated by Octo Liquidity, a company registered in Tallinn, Estonia. Although Swaps.app supports customers from over 160 countries, its service is currently limited in some countries, including the United States. For more information on swaps, visit the Service center of the website or contact them by email Thu.