Tamadoge collects 8,5 million dollars, only 40% of the presale is missing

Tamadoge raises $ 8,5 million, only 40% of the presale is missing - blockchain 1The P2E meme coin, Tamadoge, achieved a major milestone by raising $ 8,5 million from donors, bringing the total amount raised so far to $ 60 million. This last (fifth) sale phase has a TAMA token price of 1 USDT for 50 TAMA. As the presale enters its sixth phase, the token price has increased to 1 USDT = 44,44 TAMA.

Out of a total of 1 billion TAMAs ​​available in the presale, 600 million have been sold so far, with a price that increases with each token level. 2 billion TAMAs ​​are available. Tamadoge presale tokens are running out fast, with less than 40% still available.

200.000.000 Tamadoge tokens were sold at a price of 1 USDT for every 100 TAMA (1 TAMA = 0,01). There have been other distributions of 100 million tokens each. The price of a token increases until it reaches $ 0,03, which is three times the cost of the beta sale. In the seventh stage, 1 USDT will buy 40 TAMAs, marking the beginning of the next price to beat.

Retail investors are taking an interest in meme coins

Meme coins, such as those based on the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu brands, haven't disappeared and are still popular with cryptocurrency investors. Since Dogecoin was intended as a joke, Tamadoge is capitalizing on widespread interest in what was once considered the frivolous part of the market.

Meme coins, however, are anything but trivial; in fact, Tamadoge is perhaps currently the market leader with a product offering built on intrinsic value. At the time of writing, the Play-to-Earn cryptocurrency industry has seen an average price increase of 30% in the previous 24 hours, clearly beating all others, as the cryptocurrency statistics site coinmarketcap shows.

The "whales" invest in Tamadoge

Potential buyers of Tamadoge may also include whales - extremely wealthy cryptocurrency traders and investors. For example, Elon Musk is rumored to be a Dogecoin supporter, so it's possible Tamadoge caught his attention. The Tamadoge project still enjoys the support of those who worked on previous successful meme coins.

The project's clear business strategy and user-friendly interface contributed to its rapid expansion in social metrics. The Telegram group has reached 28.250 members and Twitter has almost 48.000 followers.

In addition to the good news for potential investors, Tamadoge has recently strengthened its staff. Carl Dawkins, former marketing manager for SocialBlox and Koda, is in charge of the expansion and Thomas Seabrook, formerly of WMS and StarDigital, is the leading game developer.

TAMA's listing on the LBank stock exchange has already been confirmed

Further listings on CEX are being planned and a future listing on the LBank Hong Kong exchange has already been announced. Anyone wishing to participate in the presale can do so by linking their cryptocurrency wallet for buy Tamadoge on the official website.