Telegram will officially launch Gram tokens within two months

After collecting over $ 1 billion in one of the ICO most successful in the cryptocurrency industry, Telegram is ready to launch his Gram tokens by October of the current year. Button Wallet he stressed that the official debut will facilitate the trading of tokens.

Telegram will officially launch Gram tokens within two months - 1024x681 GRAM token

News on the tokens market

Binance Launchpad recently concluded the Initial Exchange Offering for Perl tokens and has already started trading with about six different pairs.

Facebook is still developing plans for its launch Libra stablecoin.

And now, Telegram ha officially announced who will join Facebook in the category of "giants" of social media who want to debut on the tokens market.

Telegram: the launch of the Gram token

Last year, Telegram first announced its intention to launch the Gram token and raised approximately $ 1,7 billion in a successful initial coin offer (ICO) in a matter of months.

Consider that Facebook and Uber took respectively seven and five years to raise $ 1 billion.

At the time of the debut it was believed that the Telegram project was too ambitious since there were no working prototypes.

However, this did not absolutely hinder venture capitalists, who participated financially in the launch of the project.

Now Telegram has revealed to its investors that in the next two months it will release the first set of Gram tokens as expected.

Furthermore, Telegram has also stated that Gram digital wallets will be accessible to all its 300 millions of users worldwide.

The giant hopes that Gram tokens will facilitate cross-border payments: this is in line with the goals indicated by Facebook in its white paper regarding the launch of Libra.

Telegram: two months left to launch the Gram token!

Il 31 October 2019 the deadline has been set for the official release of the first batch of Gram tokens.

Telegram initially released a 132-page document to its investors, explaining that users would easily send and receive Gram tokens through the blockchain called Telegram Open Network (TON).

Trading Gram

The popular multi-platform cryptographic wallet, Button Wallet, announced the launch of the first free network powered by TON.

This stimulates users to start using Gram tokens in preparation for the official debut. Alexei Safonov, co-founder of Button Wallet, said:

"The biggest obstacle for the development of the cryptocurrency sector is themass adoption, […] What we have created will help people feel comfortable with cryptocurrency trading, without using real money".

Unlike Facebook's Libra, the Gram is not a stablecoin and will not be "hooked" to any Fiat currency. Just like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the Gram value will rise or fall based on market fluctuations.