Verge announces 2 new partnerships

Good news for Verge, a currency long since abandoned by everyone, no new news, no particular development, no marketing, you see the quotation of Verge stable over time.

Yet it is strange, in the 2018 during the Run Bull he was very popular with his direct rival Tron, also stood out for his anonymous protocol (although when the application went online it didn't work).

It seems that all investors did not go down the history of partnership with Pornhub

Verge announces 2 new partnerships

Let's get to the news today, we have 2 new collaborations officially announced via twitter.


It is a company that specializes in payment systems with debit cards, does not have a Visa or Maestro circuit, can be used at all sites or merchants that accept it.

It has apps on which you can store several crypts and pay with them.

Yes, but good news


This is the other good news, the Xcel Pay payment system that is used by XcelTrip will also accept Verge for its payments. As the name implies, XcelTrip is a highly visited travel portal around the world.


Despite these two new partnerships, once again the market has not reacted in any way, they are still good signals, every action that leads to mass adoption is a good thing