Windows 10, discoveries apps that undercover cryptocurrencies hidden

Windows 10, app discoveries that secretly undermined cryptocurrencies. New grain for the US company.

Windows 10, discoveries apps that harmed hidden cryptocurrencies - windows102 1024x576

Bad news for Microsoft: in a recent report, in fact, Symantec he discovered that there are at least 8 apps available on the Microsoft Store, and used by some programmers to be able to perform mining without the knowledge of the users themselves.

In a post on the official blog of the American security company, in fact, it is indicated that at least 8 free apps, now removed by Microsoft, would be found, which used the CPU resources of the users' terminals to be able to mine cryptocurrencies without requiring any permission.

According to Symantec's reconstruction, the apps operated in the background, eroding part of the computing power of the PCs. Although the offending software belongs to 3 different developers, in fact the company's investigations seem to suggest that the apps were developed by the same person or at least by the same development team.

Finally, it is necessary to underline how all the apps are PWA, Progressive Web Apps, an initiative launched by the Microsoft Store itself last April. The first fraudulent apps listed by Symantec were launched around that time, receiving more than 1.900 reviews.

A new grain for Microsoft, which will now have to run for cover in order to prevent similar events from happening again in the near future.