A partnership between IOTA and Jaguar was announced to track energy consumption

A partnership was announced between IOTA and Jaguar to track energy consumption - Jaguar I Pace

Talking about cryptocurrencytoo often we tend to identify them with the appetites of the market, highlighting the opportunities offered in terms of simple speculation. The virtual uniforms and the blockchain technologyhowever, they are actually gaining ground in many areas of everyday life, in the most varied fields. Not only in online payments, but also in many production areas that are taking advantage of their technological potential. As the sector ofautomotive.

The collaboration between IOTA MIOTA and Jaguar

IOTA is a cryptocurrency that was launched with the clear intent of providing the best possible support to the Internet of Things (IoT) and allow companies to explore new business-2-business models in order to transform every technological resource into a potential service to be negotiated on an open market in real time, without having to pay commissions. A very ambitious project which has been rewarded by a considerable number of investors for the obvious usefulness that highlights it from the first glance.

A judgment evidently shared by companies, if you think that a has just been signed agreement between IOTA and the famous car maker Jaguar Land Rover, whose object is the realization of a system proof-of-concept such as to allow the tracking of the energy consumption of the vehicles of the house, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology.

What is the agreement between IOTA and Jaguar

As part of the agreement signed, IOTA will be called upon to collaborate, as well as with Jaguar Land Rover, also with Engie Lab Crigen, well-known French research and development center. The project undertaken has as main objective to show users a series of detailed information referring to both the origin and the use of energy in the I-Pace models, an electric car made by the British company. A very eloquent business card for IOTA (see listing IOTA MIOTA), which seems to confirm the potential of the project and lay the foundations for further diffusion, after the previously signed agreements with other giants such as Samsung, Microsoft and Fujitsu.

A decisive step towards intelligent cities

The project in question is extremely ambitious, as it moves one decided step in the direction of the birth of increasingly smart cities. Has been Russell Vickers, head of the Jaguar division dedicated to the development of vehicle-as-a-service systems, to underline this aspect with great force. To make this possible will be in particular the Green Charging function, founded on an IOTA smart wallet thanks to which users will be able to trace the origin of the energy used, and then decide in total autonomy whether or not to recharge their car only with electricity from renewable sources or to fall back on other types of fuel. An application which could allow significant advantages in environmental terms, in a historical moment in which the issue of global warming is increasingly perceived and subject to attention by governments.