The Coinbase Card arrives, the Visa debit card to pay with cryptocurrencies

Coinbase, the most famous and perhaps the most used exchange in the world (see our guide on how Coinbase works), regarding the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin sector. This exchange starting yesterday has launched a debit card on the market with the Visa circuit, which can be requested by all its users. 

The Coinbase debit card, which takes the name of Coinbase Card in the UK it already exists since April and can now also be requested in Italy, and in other European countries such as: Holland, Ireland, France, Spain and Germany. That undertaken by the exchange is an important strategic move in the field of digital coins that benefits further Based on its competitors. 

In fact, the owner of this specific card can associate it with the account on the platform. The debit card is available in physical format for the purpose of using it to be able to withdraw cash on the branches and affiliated credit institutions, or is available in digital format and can also be managed via an application for Android and iOS. 

How the Coinbase card works

Through the use of this debit card the customer can choose to pay directly with his cryptocurrencies, in all the stores that accept one Visa debit card. Furthermore, by using the dedicated application it will be possible to select which digital currency to use for the payment, this will then be converted in real time based on the current exchange value, from FIAT currency cryptocurrency. 

Coinbase Card therefore allows the holder to pay i own accounts and expenses with Bitcoins (see bitcoin guide), or you can choose to do one or more payments in Litecoin (see Litecoin listing), or any other cryptocurrency that can be managed through Coinbase. Finally with the Coinbase Visa circuit card you can use your digital coins more easily to be able to make payments in real time and in any store you want. 

How to apply to the Coinbase card

You must have an account on Coinbase (this the registration link to Coinbase) and do KYC, or send the documents for registration, buy by bank transfer or transfer or transfer the cryptocurrencies and then request the card (it will be available in a few months, but in the meantime we can start the registration)