A new cryptographic index on Bloomberg arrives

Bloomberg e Thomson Reuters, with their financial desks, are about to make available a new cryptocurrency index provided by Cryptoindex, and able to weigh the first 100 cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

According to the index provider, the Cryptoindex is able to understand cryptovaltuary assets capable of having occupied a position in the top 200 for over three consecutive months, of being "almost always traded on multiple exchanges" and of having a "significant follow-up on social media". The rebalancing of the Cryptoindex will take place on a monthly basis, with the aim of providing true data and not "inflated" by bots (see the guide  Gekko trade bot) and transactions that do not have a "real" user as counterpart.

VJ Angelo, the CEO of Cryptoindex, told the media that "the index is the culmination of three decades of experience in the financial services sector. I have witnessed firsthand the growing demand for high quality information in a traditionally opaque sector such as that of cryptocurrency, a requirement which then led to the creation of Cryptoindex. Our index takes into account the collective feelings expressed on social media, as well as complex analyzes of data on volumes and predictive analyzes ".

Recall that the company also specified that the Cryptoindex it is generated starting from an analysis of over 1.800 cryptocurrencies which are filtered up to the desired result. "Over 33 terabytes of data are analyzed to extract over 200 factors that create a refined ranking for the index, then post in a neural network to create the final rating of the cryptocurrencies" - says the release.