Bankera initiates cryptocurrency loans

This is very special news, it is not the first time we hear about cryptocurrency loans but now the type of service is clarified in detail.

Bankera and cryptocurrency loans

After the promises made during theico Bankera, which would become the Bank of the future and would have asked for the concessions to become the first real bank (hybrid between cryptovurrency and FIAT), almost a year after the end of the bad comes the first real important news, the cryptocurrency loans.

How cryptocurrency loans work

The project is explained in detail, it works like this:

  1. they are used as collateral in our cryptocurrency assets
  2. you receive the loan in fiat or cryptocurrency
  3. The loan is repaid
  4. You get what we put on your guarantee

It looks like a slim model, there are no special documents to sign and long waiting times, it's all immediate.

The loan granted is from 25 to 75% of the funds invested (this variable is called LVT), if during the loan the value of the guarantee falls, you need to integrate with other funds. In this case, Bankera recommends a value from 25% to 50%.

This means that in order not to have problems of this type it is necessary not to ask for a high loan value because if the market drops we must supplement our guarantee because it is worth less.

Interest rates and banker loans

Obviously there are interest rates, not yet well specified but they say to be enormously convenient especially for those who are BNK owners. The current 6% is written on the current landing page.

The loans range from a minimum of 100 euros to a maximum of 1 million euros, it is possible to obtain it in euros or cryptocurrency.

This is the official page

Everything will be active starting from the 3rd quarter of the year, in short, at the end of the year.

The only certain thing seems to be that to have a good loan it is preferable to deposit their BNK that you can buy on spectrocoin by credit card or bank transfer