Bankera listed on HITBTC Today

Bankera listed on HITBTC Today.

Here we are, after endless months of ico, and especially after the end of it, it seems that the time has come to list the BNK Bankera Token on the first exchange.


everything is ready, 19:00 Italian time, there will be the possibility to buy this cryptocurrency, what will happen as soon as it is listed?

Bankera listed on HITBTC Oggi - bankera


Pump or Dump Bankera

unfortunately it will be a big dump, the problem is not of speculation, but of the fact that BNK at the end of the ico burnt the remaining coins by dividing them with the holders in a proportional manner of about 1/3.

It is quite normal that that 1/3 will be immediately sold in order to recover some investment.

Then it will take months, the possibility of buying on Spectrocoin and the launch of the exchange to see an improvement.

So cool down and see what happens, for those who want to buy here is the link HITBTC

Cost Forecast

prediction? If it remains at 1 cent we are lucky