Binance 7000 Btc Stolen

By now it is already for some days that the news turns, unfortunately true and absolutely confirmed by Binance that 7000 Bitcoins have been stolen, about 36 million Euros.

How did they manage to steal 7000 Bitcoin from Binance?

The situation is complex, not a single withdrawal was made, nor was the identity of a single person stolen, Binance, in fact, has a series of control systems to prevent "abnormal" situations or important ones like this, certainly if we tried to move 7000 bitcoin would contact us for assistance and ask us for a lot of documents before proceeding.

How did this happen?

Several attacks have been adopted, so we have primarily theft of API keys (this seems to have been the big problem), then we have stolen passwords with pishing, viruses, elimination of double-checking systems such as text messages or google code, finally, all organized so that there were small transactions that in a few minutes, without arousing suspicion, took away 7000 BTC.

Funds have been stolen from users

This is not clear, the sure thing is that the company that assures the capital of Binance will take care of everything without problems, after all it is not a huge amount if we think about when Binance earns in a single day.

Adopted security systems

First, all the API keys were updated, the app was updated, and a security and development system was put in place to prevent such situations. Even McAfee stated that it was available to the CEO of Binance if he wants help in cyber security. , given his great experience in the field.

What do we learn from this story?

What we all have always said, important investments must be kept in offline wallware hadware (see for example i Ledger ), in this way no one will ever be able to remove them.

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