Bitfinex: the exchange will remain down in 7 hours for a new upgrade

Bitfinex: the exchange will remain down in 7 hours for a new upgrade - Bitfinex

THEexchange for Bitfinex cryptocurrencies in two days he will be offline for a period of 7 hours. This is what the company announced only a few days ago when it inserted a dedicated post on Medium. 

According to the announcement, the exchange will be offline as a system upgrade is scheduled for June 26. The post published by the company specified that not only Bitfinex but also Ethfinex it will always be maintained during the same time interval of 7 hours. 

Upgrade times: in line with other exchanges 

The times that have been announced by Bitfinex, or about seven hours, are the same as those announced by other exchanges during the platform upgrade. Indeed, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange first during its upgrade during the May period, it had taken about the same number of hours. As reported by Cointelegraph, however, when he warned the various users that he was unable to make transactions, withdrawals or deposits, he remained stationary for a period of approximately between six and eight hours. Therefore cryptocurrency holders on this exchange they can not blame Bitfinex for the scheduled time dedicated to the upgrade. 

New update: what is it? 

Bitfinex which recently announced its own cryptocurrency LEO stated that the update aims to improve both the scalability and stability of the matching engine used iFinex. During this update of course, like success for other exchanges, it will be impossible to access or view their wallet on the exchange. The company has specified, however, that during this update the funds of all users will be safe, since during the blackout period, in downtime, no withdrawals or orders will be made. 

Bitfinex wants to insure its customers also with regard to the value of their cryptocurrencies, in fact it states that if in the hours preceding the update you will notice particularly volatile market movements then we will proceed to postpone the update until a later date.